Kinesio Tape (K-Tape) is a type of elastic tape that is specifically designed to be applied directly to the skin for a restorative effect. Ultimately, Kinesio Taping was meant to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process without restricting the body. This type of tape provides stabilization the body needs to function properly. When a patient utilizes Kinesio Taping, their body will be receiving the support and posture the brain wants and needs; therefore, allowing the muscles to relax. Once the muscles have relaxed, the patient will no longer experience chronic muscle pain and tightness and their range of motion will be restored.

Not only does Kinesio Tape provide support and stability to the muscles, but it is also believed to help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce the excess chemical buildup, relieve pressure on the neural and sensory receptors, and reduce inflammation. It is also used to improve the alignment of the joints by affecting the muscles and fascia and can improve joint function by affecting opposing muscle groups and joint mobility. Kinesio Tape is believed to inhibit the pain pathways in your muscles, skin, and joints. When your brain starts feeling a decrease in pain, your brain will begin to normalize muscle tone, ending with lowered pain and a decrease in muscle spasms.

Common uses of Kinesio Tape are:

  • Decrease Pain and Muscle Spasm
  • Improve Muscular Firing and Contraction
  • Support and Stabilize Joints
  • Decrease Swelling Due to An Injury or Surgery
  • Managing Scar Tissue

While Kinesio Taping is a fairly new concept, we have experienced the amazing results with our patients here at Healthy Back Chiropractic! Reach out to us TODAY at (402) 395-6957 if you would like to find out how Kinesio Taping can help you!